September 27, 2016

sixxeight !

How awesome are these T-shirts! I’m so excited about this, guys!


I’m currently a resident artist at!

Sixxeight is a super exciting new company. According to the  website:
sixxeight represents an abstract parameter that defines what inspires us to seek individuality and self-knowledge. We are a brand that prints originals works of art on shirts. For every design only a limited number of prints exist, maintaining their uniquness.As a creative outlet for works of art, music and fashion, we make shirts that reflect this concept in a world more concerned with making us all the same.”

How cool is that?

One of the things that I think is such a cool idea is the idea of connection people through these super limited t-shirts. When you buy a shirt you’re encouraged to post on social media with correlated hashtags. These hashtags connect you with the other owner of the same t-shirt design. So Fun.

A few of my favorites from the other current artists!
from left to right: “#Moth-er” by Alison Evans , by “#FreedomBeer”Andrew Barger, and “#BoarderlineMyAtom” by Ryan Davis



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