December 1, 2016

Collaborate on a New Project for 2017!

I need your help!

I’m starting a special project and I want you to be part of it – 365 PORTRAITS IN 2017!

I’ll be making at least one per day! I’m hoping you and your friends will submit photographs as sources for these works. Images of artwork will be created and uploaded daily to Instagram. Other social media accounts and the blog will be updated periodically.

drawing of young girl with pastels and ink linework

Drawing of my late Grandma Scherger – an example of one of the styles that I will use in this project.

Let’s Collaborate!

Step 1:  Join my Flikr group @ Flikr Group : 365 Portraits Project

Step 2: Submit your old black and white family or found photos here for a chance to have them transformed!
*scans work best – the higher quality / resolution the better*

Step 3: Follow along on social media and the blog for art updates and other fun news!
Bloglovin Instagram  /  Facebook  /  Twitter

Step 4: Browse the gallery, add your own suggestions, create your own work and compare ideas! Don’t forget to tag me in any social media posts!

I’m so excited to make some awesome art in 2017 with you!





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