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10 Aug '17

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365 Project – July Review

With a daily project like this I’m forced to jump out of my comfort zone. It’s such an interesting practice. Some days I post images that I probably wouldn’t have shared otherwise. That being said – I actually *like* most … Read More

14 Jul '17

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365 Project – June Review

As I approach the halfway point of this project I can’t help but have so many mixed feelings. 365 days is a long time for any project. As much as I love creating these images I can’t help but feel … Read More

14 Jun '17

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365 Project – May Review

Well to be honest, May got off to a horrible start! I woke up on Monday, May 1st with an ambitious to-do list and a brutal case of food poisoning! I was down for the count, and it took a … Read More

23 May '17

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365 Project – April Review

April went by SO FAST! It was such a productive month. I always get a fire under my tush once spring hits! On top of all my work projects I caught spring cleaning fever and started painting walls! I painted … Read More

13 Apr '17

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365 Project – March Review

This month I found myself becoming a bit bored. As my photo collection dwindled and the amount of drawings increased, something happened. I think I’ve become more creative with the images! The works have become more colorful, and I’ve been … Read More

16 Mar '17

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365 Project – February Review

February had it’s ups and downs but I’ve made a lot of progress this month!

[ If you’re interested in this project – I’m updating daily over on Instagram – plus, you’ll get bonus pictures of my cats, who doesn’t … Read More

08 Feb '17

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365 Project – January Review

It’s been very interesting getting used to this practice and sharing my work every day. Some days are definitely easier than others. I also got a nasty cold on day two! That made it a little harder to adjust. It’s … Read More

16 Jan '17

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New Society6 Designs !

I’m really feeling the new illustration style I used in my 2017 calendar printable! I used the same “doodles” but digitally painted in color to create some fun new Society6 offerings! There are three new designs available … Read More

10 Jan '17

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New Year, New Calendar

How is it 2017 already, guys?! I had a wonderful holiday and was lucky enough to have a few days off at the end of the year to rest up and just enjoy life! I had a gathering of … Read More

01 Dec '16

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Collaborate on a New Project for 2017!

I’m starting a special project and I want you to be part of it – 365 PORTRAITS IN 2017!

I’ll be making at least one per day! I’m hoping you and your friends will submit photographs as sources for these … Read More