First of all, thank you for your interest in my work!

There’s something about old photos, isn’t there? We all have a pile of them, buried in some box in our attic, closet, or garage. They’re precious, yet somewhat discarded. In an age where we take more photos than ever before I am drawn to rescue these old photographs, and give their subjects new life.

I am a fine artist out of Northwestern Ohio. My main focus is on my mixed media pieces but dabble in abstract, plein aire, and photographic pieces. I also work in graphic design.

I am obsessed with getting as much creative time in my life as possible, and one of my favorite things in life is collaboration and sharing art with others. Please, connect with me on social media (links below), follow the blog , and/or contact me for information on a custom piece! I just know you have some old photos lying around somewhere that we can bring back to life!