November 13, 2017

365 Project – October Review

My 2017 Project - Creating a piece of artwork based on a pre-1970's photograph for every day of the year and sharing it on Instagram.

This month I passed one serious milestone: Passing 300! I know that I’ve mentioned milestones before but posting that 300th image really felt like something special. It was exciting! Ten months in and this 365 business is becoming second nature. It’s interesting to think about how I’m getting close to the end of this thing. A project like this seems so daunting at the beginning, and that feeling seems so familiar. After 300, the feelings are different. I’ve started to find a bit of comfort in the routine of this project. I’m experiencing a mix of nervousness and excitement about the end. I’m going to fully embrace the last two months of this project and enjoy myself!
On to the photos! 

All images posted daily on Instagram!

On another note: The end of October marks the beginning of the busy Holiday Season. I thought I would throw a little reminder to anyone thinking about gift options that I offer custom work! I’m running a special of 15% off custom work booked through the end of November. (Booking before December hits also guarantees that I’ll be able to finish your work before Christmas!) If you’re interested – send me an email with your thoughts so we can get started!

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