January 18, 2018

365 Project – November Review

My 2017 Project - Creating a piece of artwork based on a pre-1970's photograph for every day of the year and sharing it on Instagram.

My feelings about this project at the beginning and the end of November were drastically different.

After creating 300 images the end of this project suddenly seemed so near. Every day that 365 number crept closer and closer. The project didn’t seem like too much of an accomplishment until after I hit that number. This project was a goal I set and every day I was doing what I could to reach that goal. Unexpectedly my mindset changed and I started to feel a little.. proud of myself! I was so used to making the images that they almost came easy. Looking toward the end and knowing how time flies- I really felt like nothing could stop me. I was starting to feel so positive about the whole thing. I became excited about finishing this project and pulling all the images together. I even began to look forward to all the extra work I could jump into with this momentum in the new year!

(click on each image below to see an un-cropped, full sized version and scroll through each set of photos)

This year I’ve been pretty consistently increasing my workload each month. I started November by wrapping up quite a few custom orders. I knew that the holiday season was fast approaching and with it a whole new set of work with a Christmas deadline. Though I was busy, I had become so comfortable and fearless working on these portraits that they became one of the best parts of my day! That being said – I had a few challenges this month. First off, my phone (that I had in my possession for only about 90 days) started acting up – in the middle of a project where I need it EVERY DAY to post on Instagram! Eeek! Moral of the story – don’t buy an iPhone second hand off of Amazon. Lesson learned! After weeks of troubleshooting, and multiple visits to the Apple store, I had to get a brand new phone by the end of the month (luckily Apple still gave me a great deal!). In the meantime I had to figure out how to use an Android with a bit of an inferior camera for some of my Instagram posts. I hope the difference wasn’t too noticeable! Either way what’s important is that I kept up with my daily posts!

Shortly after my phone began acting up my cat had to have emergency surgery. This wasn’t too much of an obstacle to this project but what was is when I had to have emergency surgery too about a week later! It was day 329 : November 24th. I had yet to create and post my piece for the day. I’ve been so used to creating these images no matter what. As I sat in my hospital bed the night before my surgery in a morphine induced haze I literally begged my boyfriend to bring me my supplies. Lucky for me he encouraged me to try and get some rest, and by encouraged I mean he flat out refused. I’m stubborn and goal driven. Even when my body was telling me to ease up I felt the need to keep on trying!

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. That month my life did. Now as I write this I’m almost completely recovered (don’t worry!) but as I healed I had some interesting things to process. I was behind on my project. After 329 days of consecutive posting for this project I had something throw me off. As November came to a close I sat in my hospital bed completely devoted to my recovery. I could focus on my work once I was home – but once I was home what would I do? I had custom work to complete before Christmas and I had no clue what my plans would be with this project. I wanted to finish the project, but could I? It’s no secret that I would go on to still create all 365 images for 2017 (hello, Instagram)! I found my way through. As i posted Images 329-365 in December I’ll talk about my journey with these images and how I got back into this project in my December review post. Stay tuned for my thoughts on December and my review of this project as a whole. Thanks for following along with this little journey of mine, and thanks for your continued support!

PS! I’ve been doing all the prep work recently for getting the rest of these pieces listed for sale over on Etsy. I’ll have all 365 images up for sale (minus the ones that have already sold) soon!


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