August 10, 2017

365 Project – July Review

My 2017 Project - Creating a piece of artwork based on a pre-1970's photograph for every day of the year and sharing it on Instagram.

With a daily project like this I’m forced to jump out of my comfort zone. It’s such an interesting practice. Some days I post images that I probably wouldn’t have shared otherwise. That being said – I actually *like* most of the images from July!

Every Month thus far as had a bit of a rocky start. The images I begin with seem to be my least favorite and I tend to like what I’m making more and more throughout the month. July was no exception, but I’m a few days into August as I write this and I can say that my momentum from July has continued! I’m actually enjoying these first August images! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves – we’re talking about July here! As a whole – I’m happier with more of July’s images than any other month!

I think as I collect more and more images (I recently received a lot of over 1000 portraits for Europe!) I can be more selective with my source images and create work that I’m more confident in! I’ve also found myself spending a little more time on each image, making sure it is a bit more polished before posting. As I reached the halfway mark – I think being comfortable in my practice has helped me more confidently create!

I’ve been busier than ever with commissions and custom work. A few of these have been larger that I usually work and it has me itching to create some larger fine art pieces! I look forward to having some time to blow a few of these 365 images up and add some pattern and texture, and create more similar images on a larger scale. I’m taking that stagnant impatient energy I spoke of in my last post and using it to push forward and get excited for future projects! I’m really leaning into my work and practice and truly enjoying the pieces that I am creating for others. If you have any ideas you want to send my way for custom work, collaborations, or feedback on my current shared work – please contact me! I’m looking forward to things to come!

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