February 8, 2017

365 Project – January Review

I've started a project in 2017 - creating a piece of artwork from a pre 1970's photograph for every day of the year and sharing it on Instagram.

It’s been very interesting getting used to this practice and sharing my work every day. Some days are definitely easier than others. I also got a nasty cold on day two! That made it a little harder to adjust. It’s been a bit of a challenge when I’m dealing with tight deadlines on other projects. I’m a task oriented person. Sometimes its hard for me to designate time to something when I’m knee deep in another project, but I’m learning! This is undoubtedly helping me grow, already!

[ If you’re interested in this project – I’m updating daily over on Instagram – plus, you’ll get bonus pictures of my cats, who doesn’t love pictures of cats!? Click here to jet over to Insta and follow along! ]

Some days I have late nights but that’s ok. Those days I take a mid day break around dinner time. I’ll  spend a little time with my boyfriend and the cats before grabbing a glass of wine and heading back into the studio. I’ll throw on a movie or a TV show and get back to work! Some of my recent favorites have been Dragula (on youtube),  Netflix’s Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, and more recently – I’ve jumped back into Twin Peaks for the fourth or fifth time! I think I do some of my best work during these evenings. I can relax and not worry about when I might have to stop!

As far as the work goes – Its great sharing my work with others every day. Sometimes I’m excited about a piece, and other times… not so much. Oddly enough some of my least favorite pieces have been the most “liked.” I’ve gotten more comfortable with sharing things I’m not confident in. Working every day in oil pastels has encouraged me to play more with the medium, embracing different techniques and surface textures that I wouldn’t have tried otherwise.

Looking back at the month as a whole – I find it quite fascinating to see how expressive I’ve become with my mark making.  I do still have a fondness for some of the softer images and ones with exposed outlines and line work. I will continue to explore different styles and techniques. I’m also thinking that I may start exploring other mediums as the year goes on – to keep things interesting. Feel free to let me know your thoughts and suggestions! Also, keep me in mind when you see old photographs, I still have many days to go, and I can always use great photographs!!

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