September 13, 2017

365 Project – August Review

My 2017 Project - Creating a piece of artwork based on a pre-1970's photograph for every day of the year and sharing it on Instagram.

This August I found myself creating images in a very enjoyable way. I am no longer working faster and faster; I’m taking my time and working in a much more relaxed manner. I indulged myself working with close up portraits only. After looking at previous images I notice that I’ve started to use a more delicate hand with my pastels. I’m really enjoying seeing the progress over time that may have not been so obvious otherwise. I’m leaning into the contrasting outlines, brighter colors, and different background treatments. I did not expect this to turn into such a pop-art project! 

I continue to look forward to seeing where these images progress as well as the larger works to come! I’ve also been keeping quite busy with custom art orders and an exciting print project! More details on a few of these projects to come. If you’re curious there are snippets that I’ve shared on Instagram – as well as the whole of this 365 day project!



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