May 23, 2017

365 Project – April Review

My 2017 Project - Creating a piece of artwork based on a pre-1970's photograph for every day of the year and sharing it on Instagram.

April went by SO FAST! It was such a productive month. I always get a fire under my tush once spring hits! On top of all my work projects I caught spring cleaning fever and started painting walls! I painted re-painted two rooms in my house and finally pulled up some carpet that was well past its prime. It felt good to let the house breathe a sigh of relief after that refresh but it also feels good to finish that silliness. Thank goodness for coffee.

After a strong end to march I jumped into April with a good attitude. I restocked my images from a local antique shop and dove in! I’m pretty well used to the practice of creating these daily pieces now after 100 pieces. 100 felt like a great milestone. “Only 265 left!”
I am satisfied with my variety in images but I could have been more creative with the backgrounds. I have always enjoyed patterns in artwork and I would like to play with that more in mine. When I started this project my favorite portraits were ones with beautiful ladies and flowing hair. Now I seem to be falling for the portraits of the dapper men! Especially if they have facial hair to add color to, it’s so fun! Stay tuned! 

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