March 16, 2017

365 Project – February Review

My 2017 Project - Creating a piece of artwork based on a pre-1970's photograph for every day of the year and sharing it on Instagram.

February had it’s ups and downs but I’ve made a lot of progress this month!

[ If you’re interested in this project – I’m updating daily over on Instagram – plus, you’ll get bonus pictures of my cats, who doesn’t love pictures of cats!? Click here to jet over to Insta and follow along! ]

I started this month with a ton of energy, but that fizzled quickly. I had a few pieces that I shared that were my least favorite so far. I pushed through and shortly after I hit my stride. I then created some of what I think are my best images so far!

The weeks that I am the most successful I start the week creating my ink sketches and layouts for the weeks pieces. This practice saves me so much time and energy on those busier days! I had an easier time this month completing my daily portraits.

This month I also traveled out of the US. This was my first trip out of the studio for more than a day or two since starting the project. I was without cell service – relying on wifi from tiki huts and local bars and restaurants for my work! It was interesting and a little stressful, but I didn’t miss a day!

I’ve gotten quicker at fleshing out the faces and I’m starting to notice a bit more play in the work. My favorite pieces this month are the ones where I add a little flair to the background. I look forward to playing with this a bit more in the future.

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